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A three-room condo that you can buy

The couple coming from eastern london, uk has their own condo available for sale. The flat happens to be on the third floor within the seven-floor block of flats. The flat has been invested in a decade ago and then coming from this time it has been offered an extensive make-over. Inside there are three bedrooms, a cooking area, a bathroom and a toilet (which are located separately).

The set-up in an flat

The main area is adapted for a bedroom; on the inside there seats up a twin bed as well as several cupboards – two more compact close to the bed furniture and a much bigger one right beside door. the next (and the biggest) area is adapted for a living room combined with a dining room. In the room there are a couch for several individuals (that can serve as a place to sleep, as well), two armchairs, a table, a sideboard (that are generally bespoke wardrobes home especially built in for the room) and a small home cinema (a big plasma display with a complete set of speakers). At the other section of the place you will find a kitchen table with chairs – a set for half a dozen individuals; the dining room table unfolds. out of this living room it is possible to head out to the terrace; there are handmade wicker table and 4 seats. On the outdoor patio there is also a modest garden, primarily full of natural herbs but also with a couple of pots with flowers. the final place is actually adapted for an home office with a big bookcase filled with literature and a table. this particular area might be quite simply re-adapted for a kid's room. typically the handmade bespoke kitchens is well-found with a vibrant beige hand made home furniture. this particular kitchen area is in fact pretty small, so it had to be complete with a custom furniture to save the right amount of place for 2 persons. The bathroom and lavatory are finished with use of comfortable colors, like beige, brown along with a bit of orange. inside the hallway there exists a good sized bespoke armoire, which effortlessly seats up the majority of the man's together with woman's dress wear.

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